Cambridgeshire County Council

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A brief description about Cambridgeshire County Council

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Contact details for Cambridgeshire County Council

Local Telephone (01480)

0345 045 5222


Local Email


National Telephone

0345 045 5222


Administration Address*

Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP



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Facilities managed by Cambridgeshire County Council in Yaxley

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  Facility Type Location Address
Visit us at Yaxley Library icon Public Library Yaxley Library Landsdowne Road, Yaxley, PE7 3JL

Facilities managed by Cambridgeshire County Council elsewhere in Cambridgeshire

Type Location Address
Bus Stations and Coach Hire St Ives Guided Bus Park and Ride Meadow Lane, St Ives,
Museums and Historic Interest Bluntisham House Rectory Road, Bluntisham, PE28 3LN
Museums and Historic Interest Hemingford Grey Windmill St Ives Road, Hemingford Grey,
Museums and Historic Interest London Road Viaduct or the New Bridges London Road, St Ives,
Museums and Historic Interest Pointing Milepost Obelisk Somersham Road, St Ives,
Museums and Historic Interest Priory Barn Remains Priory Road, St Ives,
Museums and Historic Interest St Ives River Bridge Bridge Street, St Ives,
Museums and Historic Interest Victoria Jubillee Memorial The Broadway, St Ives,
Open spaces with public access Falklands Walk Millfields Car Park, Mill Way, Holywell-cum-Needingworth,
Public Library Buckden Library Buckden Millennium Centre, Burberry Road, Buckden, PE19 5UY
Public Library Huntingdon Library and Records Office Princes Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3PA
Public Library Ramsey Library 25 Great Whyte, Ramsey, PE26 1HG
Public Library Sawtry Public Library Fen Lane, Sawtry, PE28 5TQ
Public Library Warboys Library Hgh Street, Warboys, PE28 2TA
Street Scenes Alconbury Bridge Mill Road, Alconbury,
Street Scenes Alconbury Ford Mill Road, Alconbury,
Street Scenes Alconbury Weston Bridge North Road, Alconbury Weston,
Street Scenes Alconbury Weston Ford High Street and Hamerton Road, Alconbury Weston,
Street Scenes Back Lane (Holywell) Back Lane, Holywell-cum-Needingworth,
Street Scenes Brampton Roundabout Brampton,
Street Scenes Chequers Court Chequers Court, High Street, Huntingdon,
Street Scenes Church Street, Oldhurst Church Street, Oldhurst,
Street Scenes Cromwell Place Cromwell Place, St Ives,
Street Scenes Everywhere in St Ives St Ives,
Street Scenes Free Church Passage Free Church Passage, St Ives,
Street Scenes Great Whyte Great Whtye, Ramsey,
Street Scenes High Street - Bluntisham High Street, Bluntisham,
Street Scenes High Street - Spaldwick High Street, Spaldwick,
Street Scenes High Street (Brampton) High Street, Brampton,
Street Scenes High Street (Hemingford Grey) High Street, Hemingford Grey,
Street Scenes High Street / Church Road Junction High Street, Brampton,
Street Scenes High Street / Grove Lane Junction High Street, Brampton,
Street Scenes Holywell Front Holywell Front, Holywell, Holywell-cum-Needingworth,
Street Scenes Houghton Market Place Market Place, Houghton and Wyton,
Street Scenes Huntingdon High Street High Street, Huntingdon,
Street Scenes Huntingdon Town Bridge Bridge Street, Huntingdon,
Street Scenes Mill Lane and East Street - Bluntisham East Street, Bluntisham,
Street Scenes Needingworth High Street High Street, Holywell-cum-Needingworth,
Street Scenes Overcote Lane Overcote Lane, Holywell-cum-Needingworth,
Street Scenes Ramsey High Street (East) High Street, Ramsey,
Street Scenes Ramsey High Street (West) High Street, Ramsey,
Street Scenes Ramsey Road, Oldhurst Ramsey Road, Oldhurst,
Street Scenes Rectory Road - Bluntisham East Rectory Road, Bluntisham,
Street Scenes Sawpit Lane Sawpit Lane, Hamerton,
Street Scenes St George's Road St George's Road, St Ives,
Street Scenes St Ives Road, Oldhurst St Ives Road, Oldhurst,
Street Scenes St Neots River Bridge St Neots Road, St Neots,
Street Scenes The Broadway The Broadway, St Ives,
Street Scenes The Lane, Oldhurst The Lane, Oldhurst,
Street Scenes Thrapston Road - Spaldwick Thrapston Road, Spaldwick,
Tourist Attractions The Quayside The Quay, St Ives,



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